Chia de Gracia collaborates with dressage rider and trainer, Mikaela Soratie

Mikaela_Soratie_ja_Chia_de_Gracia_yhteistyoehoenMikaela Soratie, born in 1982, practiced horseback riding as dressage rider since the age of five. Soratie has achieved a number of Nordic Championship and Finnish championship medals as a junior and young rider, as well as several victories and positions in international competitions.

Mikaela is coached by Janne Berg, Holga Finken and Momba Soratie. She is also involved in the Top Dressage Finland project.

In addition to riding, Soratie handles dressage segment as a coach and she has a number of well succeed personal trainees. Soratie also designs horse-themed jewelry in their family company, Akoya. http://akoya.fi/en/



Pony rider Noora Manninen

Chia de Gracia sponsors  rider Noora Manninen,  a pony rider, born in Helsinki in 2002, who has been taking interest in riding since the age of six. This season, Noora will be competing with two ponies; Rozario and Hamlet's Merick in the Little Pony Cup, and will participate in show jumping as well as compete at the regional level in the 100 cm and 120 cm categories.

Noora is coached by Venla Keränen and Teppo Hakala, as well as dressage rider Johanna Heikkilä. Noora is also a member in Southern Finland Regional training group.
Noora is also a member of finnish national riding team.


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