Artichoke Leaves 650 g

Artichoke Leaves 650 g


Suitable for animals suffering from stomach and gastrointestinal disorders. Can also ease metabolism. Artichoke leaf is also a herb that has hepatoprotective effects.

Artichoke leaves enhances the horse's digestion, and also liver and kidney function. Very suitable for horses suffering from stomach pains. Can also be used for cleaning the body .

Artichoke is a very versatile herb for horse s/ dogs. It enhances the horse's body cell regeneration , as well as liver and kidney function and the secretion of bile . Jerusalem artichoke promotes digestion to digest nutrients more effectively and it is also used to balance the digestion disorders. Artichoke also contains useful inuliinua intestine . The active substances of a rtichoke   can reduce the nausea and vomiting , cramps , and flatulence . It also increases the gastric mucous membranes of the gastrointestinal tract mucus production and therefore protects the intestinals. Artichoke is suitable for natural equine gastric ulcer prevention and treatment support .

Artichoke combines features that makes it a very useful self-care product to treat the horse's body fat and sugar metabolism disorders . It has been shown to lower the post- meal sugar peaks, which plays a major role in metabolic syndrome prevention and treatment .
Dosage: horse 500kg: 2 tbsp - 0,5 dl / day, dogs: 1 teaspoon - 1 tbsp / day.


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