Rosehip Powder

Rosehip Powder

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Powdered Rosehip (Dog Rose)

Rosehip is rich in natural vitamin mixes, B-, C-as well as oil, which has important soluble A, D, E and K vitamins oils. Rosehip is rich in amino acids and it contains magnesium which helps in healing muscle cramps. A rosehip is also rich in minerals, trace elements and antioxidants that contribute to the well-being of the body.


The antioxidant properties contained within rosehips are useful for sustaining a healthy body. Studies have proven that anti-oxidants protect the body against particular illnesses like cancer, arthritis, and cardiovascular diseases. Rosehip can be a good alternative/appendix to drugs for reducing joint pain and increasing joint mobility.  A protein present in rose hips could help horses by preventing the start of osteoarthritis through boosting the immune system, hence shielding joint tissue from materials that harm them.

Rosehip is an ideal source of additional Vitamin C for the horse. Roships also contain vitamins E, D, and A, along with anti-oxidants that support the immune system. 


Rosehip can be used together with nettle and MSM.




Horse: 1 to 3 tablespoons / day 

Dogs: 1 teespoon to 1 tablespoon / day

No additives, 100% rose hip powder.

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