Lady´s mantle 400 g

Lady´s mantle 400 g

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Lady´s Mantle calms stomach and promotes digestion, strengthens connective tissues and  removes swellings.  It has also been used in the treatment of intestinal inflammation. Contains tanning contraceptives, so it has also been used to treat diarrhea. Lady´s Mantle is rich in vitamin C and also contains essential oils and tanning agents.

Tradiotionally Lady´s Mantle has been used as a "wound leaf". The fresh leaves and roots have been used to treat wounds and mild fractures.

Dosage: horse 500 kg: 3 tbsp - 0, 5 dl (10-20 g) / day.

Dogs: 1-2 teaspoons / day.

1 tbsp = n.2 g, 1 dl = 15 g.

Poimulehti is a mammary and bitch herb that balances normal hormone function and hormone symptoms

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