Blackcurrant leaves 600 g

Blackcurrant leaves 600 g

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Blackcurrant leaf is the actual vitamin C bomb! In addition, the leaves contain vitamins B, carotene, bioflavonoids, carnivores and essential oils.


Blackcurrant leaves refresh, enhances general condition, increases resistance, cleanses the body and promotes iron absorption. Blackcurrant leaves work well for cleaning the urinary tract and supporting the wellbeing of the kidneys, as they promote fluid removal. Traditionally, blackcurrant leaves have also been relieved of joint pain. An excellent and tasty addition to the rest and disadvantaged.

Contains vitamin C of about 310 mg / 100 g.

Dosage: horse 500 kg: 2 tbsp - 0,5 dl /day.

Dogs: 1 tea spoon - 1 tbsp / day.

 1 dl = 12 g.


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