Black Cumin Seed 900 g

Black Cumin Seed 900 g

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Highly valued food supplement especially for horses and dogs. Black cumin can be used for internal application in relation with different disorders and ailments of the animals.


Can be used for bronchial asthma, respiratory disorders, cough, allergic reactions against dust, contact allergy, eczemas. Black cumin is anti-parasitic, strengthens and stabilizes the immune system.

Dosage horse 500 kg: 50- 150 g/ day

Dogs: 5-50 g /day


Always start with a small dosage!


Fatty acids:

Omega 3: 2,0%
Omega 6: 55,0%
Omega 9: 3,0%


Crude protein 33 %, crude fat 15 %, crude ash 6 %, crude fibre 7 %.

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