Let´s Detox 800 g

Let´s Detox 800 g

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A Herbal blend for cleansing the horse´s body and boosting metabolism and secretion. Strengthens liver & kidney.

Contais: milk thistle seed , dandelion root , burdock root , golden rod , cleavers , nettle root and leaf , dandelion leaf , marigold and a pinch of love .


Milk thistle is a liver cleanser No. 1! Milk thistle seeds also promotes the secretion of bile. Dandelion root increases bile secretion and promoting digestion, appetite and liver and pancreatic function. Burdock root promotes liver and biliary function and affects on kidney stones. Burdock strengthens the liver and kidneys, and it is a good body cleanser and metabolic accelerator. Golden rod cleanses the body and eliminates plenty of fluids. Cleavers cleanses the body of waste products and toxins, activates the metabolism, cleanses the kidneys, lymphatic system and blood. Nettle root and leaves, as well as dandelio leaf acts as diuretics. Marigold activates especially the secretion of bile.

1 dl = 30 g.

Dosage: Horses 500 kg: 1 to 1,5 dl / day.

Recommended to share in 2 doses. Recommended for use with 2 weeks at a time. Maximum use of 4 weeks. Not for pregnant /lacting mares.

Start with a small dose and increase gradually.

Unproper functions of liver and kidney may lead to a build-up of waste products in the body. This may appear as  poor coat, skin problems, degradation and slimming.

Let´s Detox is suitable for cleaning the body eg. In the spring, before the the grazing season, after deworming or after a long course of medical treatments.

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