Marshmallow root 900 g

Marshmallow root 900 g

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The effect of marshmallow root is based on lymphs contained in the root (15-30%). It smells mildly and tastes smooth. Mucin substances have a mucosal protective feature and this can therefore be used to treat respiratory diseases, bowel and urinary tract disorders. Marshmallow root relieves irritation and hoarseness as well as seizures due to colon. It also has purgative effect. The polysaccharides contained in the root improves the body's immune system. It is often used together with other herbs, such as thyme. Tests have shown that rhinoceros lymphoid substances relieve inflammation and suppress cough and sore throat. According to another study, it was proven that the plant has an antiseptic effect, ie bacteria and other microorganisms. Marshmallow root, together with ginger, may alleviate various allergy symptoms.

If other medicines are used, consult your doctor about the use of marshmallow root because it may affect the absorption of drugs. It also lowers blood sugar, so it should also be taken into account in horses with a tendency to too low blood sugar.

Dosage horse 500 kg: 2- 4  ( 5- 12 g) tablespoons / day.

Dogs: 1- 2 teaspoons / day.

1 tbsp = 3 g

Ingredients: molds (20-35%), pectin (10%), starch (20-38%), asparagine (2%), minerals (5-7%).


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