Raspberry Leaf 600g

Raspberry Leaf 600g

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Raspberry leaf tannins enhance the diarrhea and reduce mucous membranes. Raspberry is very suitable for horse´s / dog´s mucosal inflammation, digestive and urinary problems and diarrhea.

Raspberry contains fragaria which supports the pelvic organs, relaxes the muscles of the uterus and speeds up the uterine contractions, so it makes the foaling / birth easier. A great plant for pregnant animals, however, recommended to start until the second trimester of pregnancy. Raspberries can also be given after foaling, because it speeds up the recovery.

Raspberries can also be helpful in irregular or painful ruts. have also.  It may ease tension and nervousness.

Raspberry is a mild herb, so it can be administered fairly freely.

Rasberry contais tannins, flavonoids, organic acids and vitamin C.

Dosage: Horse 500kg: 3 tbsp - 1 dl, dogs 1tl- 1 tbsp.

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