Golden Rod 300g

Golden Rod 300g

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Golden Rod, also known as Woundwort and Aaron's Rod herb cleanses body system without causing irritation and depletion of vital minerals and vitamins. It is a bitter astringent herb that also has an antifungal effect. Golden Rod is also a good digestive aid.


It is a bitter astringent and relaxant herb that reduces inflammation, stimulates the liver and the kidneys and is used as a urinary antiseptic and also has an expectorant, healing and anti-fungal effect.

It contains flavonoids (glycosides of quercetin, isoquercetrin and kaempferol) mono- and bidesmosidic triterpene saponins (polygalic acid derivatives), phenolic glycosides and a volatile oil containing monoterpenes, organic acids and polysaccharides.


  • Internal use
    • Goldenrod is used internally to treat kidney and bladder stones and infections, as well as general urinary infections.
    • It is sometimes including in cough medicine and is used to treat rheumatism.
    • Furthermore, it also exhibits a mild diuretic effect as well as some anti-spasmodic properties.


Dosage horse 500kg: 10-15 g /day. 1 tablespoon = 4g.


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