Deep Breath 1,7 kg

Deep Breath 1,7 kg

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Deep Breath is a herbal mix to support horses respiratory tract health.


Deep Breath contains thyme , marshmallow root , garlic, anise seed , liquerice root , peppermint , icelandic moss and a pinch of love .

Thyme supports normal respiratory tracts functions. It also has disinfectant, mucus-releasing properties, making it a popular raw material for many cough medicines. Peppermint calms and supports respiratory functions. Anis detaches the mucus and suppresses cough and improves the taste of the feed. The liquorice root is also a good mucus remover. Icelandic moss improves general condition and relieves cough irritation. Marshmallow root contains mucin that protects the mucous membranes and is often used in the treatment of respiratory diseases. Garlic helps maintain resistance and maintain normal airway health and functions.


Dosage horse 500kg: 0, 5- 1 dl /day (1 dl = 25g)

Mix with other feeds. Stewing in warm water enhances the effect . 1 dl weights 25g.


Not for pregnant mares. Waiting period when competing 4 days.

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