Fight The Worms 1 / 900g


Fight The Worms 1 / 900g

Prices includes vat.
Delivery weight: 900 g

Fight the Worms 1 includes couch grass, garlic, cranberry, thyme, anis seeds, fennel seeds, wormwood, horse radish and a pinch of love .


Dosage: horse 500 kg: 1 - 2 dl / day, 5 - 7 days period.

Regimen may be repeated  5-10 times a year. Keep at least 3-4 week pause between regimens.


Can be mixed with othet feed.


Dosage: horse 500 kg 1 to 2 dl / day for 5-7 days. It can be played 5-10 krt per month. A gap of at least 3-4 weeks should be kept between the skins.

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