Chamomile Flower 400g

Chamomile Flower 400g

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The Chamomile Flower is a suppressive, soothing, anti-inflammatory, relaxing, convulsive, pain-relieving, gastrointestinal-suppressive, allergy-suppressing and tissue-enhancing all-round herb.

The chamomile flower is suitable for triggering all sorts of stress, stress relieving, and reducing restlessness. It has a strong ability to remove inflammations and pains, so it is ideal for treating various types of pain and discomfort. The relaxing property is valid for gastrointestinal tract, so it is especially suitable for those horses whose nervousness and restlessness are also reflected in the abdominal function and digestion.

It alleviates allergies and is especially suitable for horses suffering from allergic mucosal symptoms and / or allergic rhinitis.

Chamomile flowers can be used to make
decoction to treat the irritated eyes.

Dosage: horse 500 kg: handful of flowers / day.

1 dl weighs about 10g.


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