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The CdG-Box is a monthly incoming surprise box that always includes a seasonal top-notch selection of quality and well-enhancing CdG products for your horse. CdG-Box is a fun, healthy, and easy way to get to know the different superfoods and supplements for different horses. At the same time, you get tips on the benefits and different uses of our products.

The CdG-Box includes monthly 3-5 items related to the current theme, some of which are sample sizes. However, each month the package contains at least one normal size product. The products have been chosen so that they are suitable for everyone (excluding invidual allergies).

The box can be ordered for yourself, but it is also a great gift!

CdG-Box offers the opportunity to test the CdG's bestsellers, classics and novelties, and the most suitable & tasty products for your own horse.

As a subscriber to CdG-Box, you are also a part of CdG's test group that will be experimenting with new products and of which we will ask for feedback from box subscribers. CdG-Box can also include special promotional codes and gift certificates in our online store. The box has a monthly letter containing information about the products, raw materials and using purposes contained in that particular month.

Box is available for orders of one month, three or six months and it will automatically arrive at the pickup point of your choice. You can take the three and six-month periods either in successive months or every other month.

Subscription Options:

1 month

3 months: Box once a month

3 months: Box every other month

6 months: Box once a month

6 months: Box every other month

Your order is always time-limited.

There are no follow-up obligations after the end of the period. If you wish to resume Box's order after the end of a period, you can order the product again from our online store.

Please note that if you have a previous subscription period left, please subscribe to the subscription details, from the month you want to start the new subscription period.

The CdG-Box is packaged and sent during the first full week of each month.

The subscription periods begin automatically after the month of the month of the ordering month.



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