Ginger 350 g

Ginger 350 g

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Ginger stimulates blood circulation and metabolism, t and increases perspiration. Ginger contains bitter substances that stimulates the digestive fluids and saliva secretion and, therefore, ginger is used to promote digestion. Ginger also has body cleansing properties. Ginger can help in arthritis, as it curbs the inflammation and promotes joint mobility. Ginger helps in relieving cough and congestion, and speeds up the removal of mucus, making it an ideal medicine during flu.

Ginger promotes respiratory health, strengthens immunity, helps to maintain joint mobility, strengthens the heart, and improves digestion.


It is recommended to start with a  small dose and gradually increase the dose from 1 to 2 tablespoons a day / horses, dogs 0,5 -1 tsp / day.

 1 tbsp = 10 g.


Ginger is an antibiotic plant, so it should be administered in courses. Not recommended for pregnant or lactating mares.


Caution: ginger contains capsaicin, note this when competing.

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