Dandelion Leaves 1kg

Dandelion Leaves 1kg

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Dandelion leaves are known as diuretic medicinal herb . Dandelion root promotes digestion and strengthens the liver. Dandelion is often used to gallbladder functional disorders of the stomach and intestinal ailments. Due to it´s acidity dandelion  can be given to whet the appetite .

  Clinical trials have shown the plant to contribute to urinary and biliary excretion.

Dandelion contains flavonoids , among other things , fructose, resin , tarakserolia , pectin , coffee acid, vitamins A, B, C , and D vitamins, calcium , phosphorus, potassium and phenolic acids . Dandelion leaves contain about three times the amount of beneficial nutrients compared to other salad plants. In particular dandelion is rich in vitamin C and A and calcium . T he high potassium content of the dandelion ensures the body   a sufficient amount of potassium , even if potassium is eliminated in urine .

Dandelion is safe to use in large quantities , but it is not suitable for  the horses suffering biliary tract or intestinal blockage .

100% dried and powdered dandelion root . No additives .

Dosage of 500 kg horse from 2 tablespoons - to 0,5 dl a day.

1 msk = 10 g, 1 dl = 55 g.

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