Islandic Moss 400g

Islandic Moss 400g

Prices includes vat.

Islandic moss is suitable for horses kidney and urinary tract, as well as to treat respiratory tract. Excellent plant for the intestines and stomach well-being due to rich pectin content and mucus feature. Relieves irritated mucous membranes,  promotes digestion and increases the flow of saliva. Lichen includes A- and B-vitamins, cellulose and minerals, tanning materials, pectin, sugar, protein and starch. Lichen is a good addition to the convalescents and debilitated horses. Islandic moss contains iodine and is suitable for treatment of wounds externally as bath and wrappers.

Islandic moss is well tolerated, but may cause some symptoms such as diarrhea or hives. You should start with a low dose in increments.

Dosage 2 - 5 tablespoons / day.

Dogs: 0,5 - 1 tl / day.

Annostus hevonen 500 kg: 2 - 5 rkl / pvä.

Koira 0,5-1 tl /pvä.

1 tbsp = 4 g.

No additional preservatives.

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Prices includes vat.

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