Islandic Moss 400g

Islandic Moss 400g

Prices includes vat.

Islandic moss is suitable for horses kidney and urinary tract , as well as to treat respiratory tract . Excellent plant for the intestines and stomach well-being due to rich pectin content and mucus feature . Relieves irritated mucous membranes,  promotes digestion and increases the flow of saliva . Lichen includes A- and B - vitamins, cellulose and minerals, tanning materials , pectin , sugar , protein and starch. Lichen is a good addition to the convalescents and debilitated horses. Islandic moss contains iodine and is suitable for treatment of wounds externally as bath and wrappers .

Islandic moss is well tolerated , but may cause some symptoms such as diarrhea or hives . You should start with a low dose in increments.

Dosage 2 - 5 tablespoons / day.

Dogs: 0,5 - 1 tl / day.

Annostus hevonen 500 kg: 2 - 5 rkl / pvä.

Koira 0,5-1 tl /pvä.

1 tbsp = 4 g.

No additional preservatives.

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