Chamomile 500 g

Chamomile 500 g

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Chamomile is suitable for skin care, skin rashes and wounds, to treat intestinal and stomach well-being. Also suitable as supportive care for panicked, restless and stressed horses.

Chamomile may cause symptoms for horses with pollen hypersensitivity, so you should check suitability gradually and carefully.

Externally, chamomile can be used as skin bathes, eye flushing and mucous membrane irritation and inflammatory conditions such as ulcers, dermatitis, sunburnt skin as well as insect bites and skin itchiness.

Chamomile is also suitable for nursing mares and young horses.

Dosage: 10 -15 g / day , 1-2 times a day.

1tbsp = 3 g, 1 dl = 16 g.

No preservatives or additives.

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