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Eira Jokela works as a professional equine nutritionist, welfare educator & the founder of Edison´s Equine Nutrition! She have graduated from the University of Helsinki, Finland and hold both Bachelor´s and Master´s degree in Animal Nutrition from the department of Animal Sciences. She have deepened her knowledge on equines doing additional studies in Netherlands, at the University of Wageningen and also in United States, at University of California, Davis.

Eira´s goal is to persistently stay on that road and promote horse welfare & optimal feeding. The subject of equine nutrition is very complex to comprehend if we don´t understand the basics of equine digestion system and its principles.

Today there are a huge variety of products on the market, with which it is easy to go confused and use a lot of money.  Different counters can help in nutrition planning, but may also give very different results.


We really want to activate horse owners and learn together about this fascinating subject. We learn something new everyday.


​With horses all over the world, kept in different environments, used for different purposes and maintained very differently we manage to compete, perform and thrive with them equally. This is fascuinating as we know they share the same gut!


Consultation includes feeding calculations and feeding recommendations but also guidance with the daily feeding management. We want to be close to our customers and achieve results together. Feeding can be simple if we have the right feeds and ideal surroundings, but often this is not the case. Just as an example available roughage quality, seasonal changes and financial aspects must also be considered when we conduct personalized & balanced feeding programs. You can use our advice and recommendations as guidelines & a tool to adjust your horses daily feeding.

We offer three different consultation options but if you don´t find what you are looking for, or you have multiple horses / stable units please leave an inquiry on what kind of service you seek. We will find a right consultation package for you!

Edison´s Equine Nutrition consultation will be impartial & neutral. We do not take responsibility on practical feeding. Consultation will be given as an advice and it is the customers decision to follow our recommendations.


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