"Wanted you to know, yesterday evening Rodney got through the fence into another field. Very naughty and exciting. He was steaming under his rugs when I  went to get him and rolling, a lot. Normally this would have led to a bought of colic, so I watched and waited and nothing happened. He cooled down, settled  and tucked into his hay net.

The girl who helps me with him agrees it has to be your Chia seeds.  Nothing else has changed. Thank you, you don't know how much. I will always worry about him, but not quite so much unless I run out of chia!" R. Dobson

"I tested chia for equine Cushing's disease in such a way that I did not change anything else at that time. The 19-year-old horse that is also on the pergolide medication is in a relatively better condition. Within months, the horse seemed to have sharper jumps and appeared even more invigorated at the same time, when its mare-in-the-pen like cranky behavior decreased. Therefore, at that time, either a miracle took place or it is chia." Anniina


"Stomach ulcers were found in the pony. The stools had been loose (diarrhea) and, at the same time, pony also had colic. First, I tried the flax seed meal and Yea-Sacc products as per the veterinarian's instructions. These products were of little help. Antepsin medicine soothed the stomach, but it cannot be fed continuously.  I have now been giving the horse chia seeds about three tablespoons per day divided into two doses for about two weeks. The stools have returned to normal, and the pony is no longer showing any symptoms! I am very satisfied." Karoliina


"My Finnhorse's coat has really shiny and bushy hair, soft and easy to manage. Chia also neutralizes stomach function, as well as a vibrant behavior of horse." Nea


"The hair is shinier, and the horse has had a cheerful and contented feel to it." Kia


"My four-year-old FWB mare has been fed chia for three months. The mare was diagnosed with sand accumulation when x-rays were performed for the stomach just before starting the chia diet. A few months later, the inspection showed that all sand had been removed.  The quality of hair has also revived and is improved. We will strictly continue with the chia diet! "  Kristiina


"My time to times skinny Finnhorse has remained fit and kept up the muscle better with chia. My half-breed´s manure is much better. Before, it was pale, foul-smelling and crumbly. It seems very good! "  Olga


"Even though one kilo of chia, is not much for a horse and a pony, I have made the following observations:  
The mane increased slightly and the horses grew new shiny hair really fast after longer use."  Sandra



"Metabolism of a fat pony improved and it actually managed to lose weight by means of chia. At the same time, the weak body has improved." Tiia


"The mane has clearly increased and the tail hair of the horse has become stronger." Mira


"My restless and nervius horse became stabilized after being put on a chia diet." Sanna


"My dog's coat has become more silky and shiny when he was  fed chia." Anna