Die Geschichte von CdG

Die Geschichte von CdG

Nayttokuva_2017-11-30_kello_8.04.40Chia de Gracia, was born in 2014 on the need for it´s owner, Mirva Kettunen to find suitable alternatives for her horse to complement her daily nutrition. As a former athletic, Mirva knows how important nutrition is to maintain performance and well-being. He had tested a number of treatments, medicines and industrial supplements in the health scenes of his horse, but wanted to find a natural way to support the horse´s welfare.

Chia de Gracia's first product was Chia's seeds, which Mirva had good experiences from her own. Chia was known for those days mainly as a nutritional supplement for people with health consciousness, but due to its good qualities, it had attracted some interest in equine feeding. When Chia proved to be a good product for her own horse Gracia, the idea of ​​a company that offers a wide range of natural alternatives to supplementing horses is aroused. The company got its name from spanish horse Gracia and chia seedss that enabled the entire business to start.

Chia was soon joined by many other natural products: nettle, rosehip, ginger, devil´s claw, ginger, chasteberry and MSM. For the general public, however, the natural supplement of horses was still quite new, and Chia de Gracia has been a pioneer in raising this awareness of horses and dogs.

Currently we have more than 100 different product in our selection. New products are often based on customers' wishes and as a solution to the different needs of horses health problems. From the outset, the idea of ​​Chia de Gracia has been to bring natural solutions to all the needs and challenges of horses and dogs, and to serve individually each and every horse or dog owner.

Organic feeding is increasingly attracted to more dogs and horses today. The choice of organic feed no longer needs to be justified today, but the knowledge of their properties has increased because so many have received invaluable help for animal welfare.